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What is Paintball ?

Welcome to the adrenaline-inducing world of Paintball. But what exactly is this dynamic game and why has it gained such a distinctive following? Simply put, Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport that was first conceived in the 1980s. It involves players eliminating opponents from the game by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs (or simply 'pods'), shot from a specially-designed air weapon called a paintball marker.

Mask with Paintball Splash

The game is usually played in teams and each team’s primary goal can vary depending on the type of game chosen, but common objectives include capture the flag, elimination of the other team, defending or attacking a particular point or area, or capturing objects of interest hidden in the playing area.  A game of paintball can last anywhere from a few minutes to a full day, and can be played both indoor or outdoor. You’ll often find games taking place in woods or fields with natural or artificial terrain, which teams use for tactical cover. One of the unique features of paintball is its inclusivity, appealing to people of all ages, genders, and walks of life. It is used for recreational purposes, professional tournaments, military training, and team building exercises.  Safety is paramount in paintball, with players required to wear protective goggles / masks and often body protection. Whilst it can be a thrilling game, injuries are rare when rules are followed. Beyond all, Paintball brings adrenaline, strategy, camaraderie and physical exercise together in one exhilarating package. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, we guarantee that once you've played your first game of paintball, you'll understand exactly why this sport has such an enthusiastic following.


Stay glued to our website to discover more about the exciting world of paintball!

The Thrilling World of Paintball: Everything You Need to Know

Geared up in camo, marker in hand, the anticipation building as you wait for the signal to start - that is the thrill of paintball, a game that uniquely combines adventure, strategy and sport. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, it offers action-packed excitement that's hard to find anywhere else. It broadly consists of multiple game modes, the most popular of which are "capture the flag" and "elimination."


In 'Capture the Flag', the objective is simple - you must retrieve the opponent's flag and return it to your base. 'Elimination' games focus on removing all members of the opposing team from the field. It requires quick reflexes, strategic thinking and excellent teamwork to succeed.


The equipment used in paintball is as intriguing as the game itself. A paintball marker, also known as a paintball gun, propels the paintballs. These are powered by high-pressure air or carbon dioxide. Players wear protective goggles and masks, and often additional gear like padded jerseys and pants for safety. The terrain of a paintball field can vary widely - from natural woods to man-made structures to simulate urban environments. These diverse settings add an extra challenge and make each game a unique experience.

World of Paintball

Paintball isn’t only about winning. It’s a social sport that relies heavily on team-play, strategy and communication. It encourages a camaraderie rarely found in other activities. It’s a fantastic way to make friends, build professional relationships, or just bond with a group of people. Moreover, paintball is not just for thrill-seekers, but also for those looking to reap health benefits. Yes, you heard it right. Paintball is a great way to improve your physical fitness, agility, endurance and stress levels.  The world of paintball also branches out beyond casual play. There are professional tournaments, player rankings, and sponsored teams! From its rudimentary beginnings, it has developed into a recognized sport with a thriving community and evolving dynamics. 

Paintball Tournament

Tournament Paintball

As Joker Paintball Team we are playing tournament paintball, which is a competitive form of paintball that is played between teams of five players. The goal of the game is to eliminate the opposing team by hitting them with paintballs and pressing the button on the other side of the field


We are proud to be a part of the tournament paintball community and we look forward to continuing to compete and improve our skills. We believe that the Joker Paintball Team has what it takes to be a top team in the world and we are determined to make our mark on the sport.


To sum it up, paintball is an exciting, challenging hobby that's more than just a game. It's a chance to let loose, escape the ordinary, and jump into a world of high-stakes fun where your senses are on high alert and every decision counts! If this sounds like your kind of thrill, stick around to learn more or better still, join us on the field!

Equipment 101: Essential Gear for Paintball

As you venture into the world of paintball, it's essential to know about the gear that will accompany you on this exciting journey. The right equipment not only maximizes your performance but also ensures safety during gameplay. Here's a rundown of the essential paintball gear:

Paintball Marker : Also known as a paintball gun, this is the primary tool of the game. It uses compressed gas to fire paintballs at a high speed. There are many types of markers on the market catering to different styles and levels of play, from mechanical to electronic markers.

Paintballs: These are the ammunition used in paintball. Made of edible, biodegradable material, they are filled with non-toxic, washable paint. The act of one breaking upon contact signifies a hit in gameplay.

Mask/Goggles: A critical piece of safety equipment, the mask protects the eyes, face, and often the ears and neck from incoming paintballs. High-quality masks come with anti-fog lenses and comfortable fit to ensure visibility and protection.

Hopper: This device holds the paintballs and feeds them into the marker. From gravity-fed to electronic agitating hoppers, they come in different styles and capacities.

Paintball Marker
Paintball Arena

Air Tank: Paintball markers operate using compressed air or carbon dioxide from an air tank. While CO2 tanks are cheaper and more widely available, compressed air tanks provide better performance and are gentler on the paintball markers.

Protective Clothing: While not compulsory, padded clothing can help reduce potential discomfort from being hit by a paintball. Many players opt for camouflage clothing to blend into the environment. 

Pod Pack: This is a belt worn around the waist, which houses additional pods filled with paintballs for easy reloading during games.

Cleats: Given the outdoor nature of paintball, a good pair of cleats can provide added mobility and prevent slipping on tricky terrains.

Barrel Cover: A safety device placed over the marker's barrel when not in play - a required item at most paintball facilities.


Educating yourself on essential paintball equipment is the first step in your paintball endeavour, whether you plan to rent or buy. Having the right gear will ensure your safety and greatly enhance your paintball experience, making for a successful, enjoyable game. Remember, equipment can't make you a great player, but it can help you be the best player you can be. Stay safe and have fun out there!

Join Us: How to Become a Member of Our Paintball Team

Do you have a passion for paintball? Are you looking for like-minded individuals to share in the thrill and camaraderie of this exciting sport? We invite you to join our team! Being a part of our team not only offers you the chance to participate in regular games but also provides an opportunity to grow as a player, participate in tournaments, and develop strong friendships. 

Our aim is to create a supportive and positive environment where everyone can enjoy the game of paintball and continuously improve. So if you are passionate about paintball and are looking for a team in London, then don't hesitate - join us today. Exciting and action-packed experiences await you!

Here are the steps you need to follow to become a member of our paintball team:


1 - Express Your Interest

The first step is simple - show your interest! You can do this by sending us an email at (insert email) or simply filling out our contact form available on the website.

2 - Meet the Team

After we receive your expression of interest, we'll invite you to one of our practice sessions or social events. This is an opportunity for you to meet the team members, talk to the coach, and get a feel for how we do things.

3 - Attend a Trial Session

If you decide to proceed, you'll have a chance to attend a trial session. This is an opportunity for our coach to assess your skills and determine how well you fit into the team. Don’t worry if you are new to the game - enthusiasm and teamwork matter more than experience!

4 - Register

Once you've attended a trial session and we've mutually agreed that it's a good fit, you will be required to register to become an official team member. You'll need to fill out a registration form and pay the annual team membership fee.

5 - Gear up

Once the formalities are done, it's time to gear up! If you don't have your own equipment, we can provide advice on what to purchase or where to rent.

6 - Start Playing

As soon as you're geared up and registered, you'll be ready to start playing! You'll be joining us for regular practice sessions, matches and you will be part of our exciting paintball community.

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