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  • How many players does a team consist of?
    Five. But... Since tournament paintball is a dynamic sport, it requires pit crew and substitutes. For an official tournament it is better to attend with 8 to 10 players squat.
  • What is tournament paintball?
  • How much should I pay you?
    Zero. We are teaching paintball for free. We are not a company, we are just people who made great friendships while playing paintball and we want you to experience this awesome hobby. Of course fields are charging for field rental, paint and equipment hire (if you don't own any).
  • What is the frequency of trainings?
    Our team is newly located to UK and for now it is only 1 or 2 times in a month. It is not enough to achieve highest division first place but it is just the beginning...
  • What is the minimum age for the team?
    12 For under 12, you cannot play in tournaments or attend trainings but we are always ready to help you to try. Let us know!
  • What is the maximum age for paintball?
    There is none.
  • Where will be the trainings?
    It will be in CPPS, Penkridge, ST19 5PH.
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